Annotated Bibliography based on the course modules for each week

Annotated Bibliography

Annotated bibliographies will be written based on the course modules for each week. For each

module the students will find two articles that apply the module topic to one of three areas:

students, teachers, parent/peer. The student should have a total of 16 articles for this assignment.

The student may use one scholarly article/one professional article OR two scholarly articles.

Annotated bibliographies will be written using APA writing rules. You MUST paraphrase this

assignment as much as you can. DO NOT copy and paste article abstracts. Please see the

example below of how your entries should look:

Hunter, M., L. (2002). “If you’re light you’re alright” Light skin color as social capital for

women of color. Gender & Society, 16 (2), 175-193.

Data from two national surveys was used to examine the different effects that skin color has on

the life outcomes for African American and Mexican American women. Using a multivariate

linear regression analysis the author examined how years of schooling, personal income, and

spouse’s years of schooling differ depending on skin color for African American and Mexican

American women. The author found that there was a significant difference in education, personal

income and spouse’s years of schooling between light skin and dark skin African Americans.

However the only variable that was significant for Mexican Americans was education. This adds

to the literature by showing that there is even a difference between Mexican Americans as well

as African Americans.


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