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Zachary Baffico


Robbins, E. I., Kourtidou-Papadeli, C., Iberall, A. S., Nord Jr., G. L., & Sato, M. (n.d.). From Precambrian Iron-Formation to Terraforming Mars: The JIMES Expedition to Santorini. GEOMICROBIOLOGY JOURNAL. Retrieved from


The article from the Geomicrobiology Journal discusses how iron found in Greece has been one of the best tools in understanding variables that are related to precipitation of Precambrian iron-formations. In addition, this article suggests information on life's origins and possible uses in experimenting with terraforming on Mars. This article is unique and beneficial because it gives different approach on the subject by discussing the need to increase oxygen levels and removing iron from the water on Mars, in order to make it habitable for humans, also known as terraforming. On the other hand, the articles main focus is not on just terraforming Mars. While the authors do provide details on how the research and iron found in Greece could lead to efforts of terraforming Mars, it does not solely focus on providing evidence towards my research topic. Overall, this article provides me with a different kind of research approach on terraforming the red planet.  



Robyn Guerrero


Gao, T., Ming, X., Qin, Z., Zhang, H., Kong, Y., Hu, Y., Mei, S.(2018 Jul 23)Association Between Parental Marital Conflict and Internet Addicton. Journal of Affective Disorder, Vol. 240, pp. 27-32. DOI: 10.1016/j.jad.2018.07.005

This article discusses and studies the relationship between Internet addiction, parent martial problems, and peer relationships. For the benefit of understanding potential procedure in the development of Internet addiction, the authors conduct a research with 2259 high school students filling out a questionnaire relating to their parents martial conflicts, relationships with their peers, and the Internet. The authors hope that with the results of their research it can lead to a more understanding and further research, to help with students mental health and the prevention of Internet addiction. Although the research can help with future studies, it isn’t reliable or have strong evidence which the author acknowledges. The study isn’t reliable due to the students filling out a self reported  questionnaire for the research. This article is useful to me because it explains the potential influences, such as depression and parent martial conflicts, that lead to Internet addiction among adolescents. 


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