Article review Details, Article, and Rubric attached

Locate a peer-reviewed article (related to the course content) published within the last 12 months in a peer-reviewed journal from the online library, then present at least a 15 (title and reference slides do not count) slide power point presentation assessment comprising of a precise and critical evaluation. Do not summarize the article. Evaluate the information presented in the article. Use bulletized statements on your slides and then put within the notes what you would say as if you were presenting the article to the class.  Remember the reader would not see the notes section so your slides need to have the proper title of what the slides is going to discuss.  Refer the the attached rubrics.   

Title slide - with the standard title page information

Introductory Slide -- Discuss the author’s thesis. Include article and author name in this paragraph. -1 slide

The Facts - discuss three important facts the author uses to support thesis. - 3 slides

Explain or correlate the facts with facts from course content. - another 3 slides or put in the facts from the article slides

Use in text citation from course reading to show connections to this article.

Evaluate the resources provided with the article. - 1 slide

Are their resources provided with the article?  Are they recent? - 1 to 2 slides

Strengths /Weaknesses/Discussion to the profession - Describe the strengths of the information presented as it applies to the professions. Critically evaluate the information in the article.- up to 3 slides

 Is there bias or faulty reasoning? Evaluate the information for truth. - 1 to 2 slides

Bring in outside sources to support your analysis and review. - 1 slide

What are others saying about the same topic? - 1 slide

You must support claims of both fact and faulty reasoning. - 1 slide

Conclusions - Provide concluding remarks regarding your review/evaluation of the article. - 1 slide

Reference Slide

APA formatting, in-text citations and referencing will be needed for more than one reference.

This assignment has many benefits. First, it requires a search of indexing and abstracting databases from the online library to find an article that meets the specified criteria (must be related to the course content). It also emphasizes what a scholarly article is; to discern between scholarly and non-scholarly writing; to condense someone else's lengthy argument into a concise report; to think critically about what has been read by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the research; and, thus, to become participants in the discussions regarding the Supply Chain and Logistics profession.


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