BMGT 495 6981 Strategic Management (2205) Quiz 1

In using the CPM matrix strategic researchers assign weight to the critical success factors when they evaluate the competitive position of the competition companies in the industry, strategic researcher need to use ________set(s) of weights with _____that add(s) up to_________.

The strategic researcher found from the balance sheet of company PQR the following financial data: Cash of $1,800 and other current assets of $5000, and the current liability of $21,250 and the long term liability of $252,000. What is the acid test ratio of company PQR?

Company XYZ Has an EFE total weighted scores of 2.34 and an IFE total weighted scores of 3.2. The intersection point in IE Matrix is cell______. The recommended strategies based on IE matrix are________

Choose the appropriate sets of scores

IFE MatrixAppropriate sets of scores
Internal Factors(a)(b)(c)(d)
Financial position2324
Large Pool of products lines3223
Research and development1334
High rate of employee retention3223
Outdated Information technology2122
Mediocre products promotions3211
Limited expertise in global procurement2332
Low production capacity1321

The Missing weight, score, weighted scores, and the total weighted scores are

IFE Matrix   
Internal FactorsWeightsScoresWeighted Scores
Superior Information Technology0.2030.60
Expertise in Global Placement0.10 0.40
Research and development0.1530.45
High rate of employee retention0.074 
High Cost of labor0.2020.40
Low Financial Position0.1010.10 
Limited pool of product lines 22.24
Low production Capacity0.0610.06
Total Weighted Score   

Groups of recommended strategies fall within which of the following strategy groups.

The ______of  the SWOT are used as the _____in the ______ in the strategic planning process

What is the corporate inventory turnover ratio? How is the corporate inventory ratio status relative to industry inventory ratio?

Company HGKBeginning inventoryEnding inventoryCost of goods soldInventory turnover ratio

Compute the total weighted scores and interpret the strategic meaning with respect to other competitors.

The total weighted scores are___________. The focal company_____________

EFE Matrix   
External FactorsweightsScoresTotal Weighted Scores
Rising income levels in developing countries0.182.00 
Exports from EU countries exempt of steel and aluminum tariffs0.143.00 
Consumer preference for the products of the company0.152.00 
Bilateral trade agreement with the south Korea0.112.00 
Potential severe winter conditions in early 20190.132.00 
Increasing piracy incidents strait of Malacca0.103.00 
US-China trade war0.113.00 
Aftermaths of the floods and the hurricanes0.082.00 
Total Weighted Scores   

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