CAM vs. Traditional Treatment Review

Write a 3-4 page paper (12 Times New Roman font, APA format) discussing the two conditions you selected in unit 7 (under attach file). Discuss two treatment methods (one traditional, one CAM) for each condition. Compare and contrast the treatment methods available. Conclude your paper with the treatment method you would take for each condition using peer-reviewed research to support your decision. Add the following in the current paper: A) What specific conditions do the remedies treat? B) How effective are they? C) Are there any side effects of the treatment? D) Any contraindications? E) What research is available to support the claim that these treatments are effective? D) Compare and contrast the positives and negatives of each treatment E) Use peer-reviewed research to draw a conclusion on what route you would take (CAM or Traditional) for each condition. Checklist:  3-4 COMPLETE pages in Times New Roman 12 (NO ABSTRACT IS NEEDED)  Use scholarly research and your textbook to support your responses (I will upload some chapters from the textbook to support your responses) (Two-peer reviewed sources required).  A reference page in APA format THIS IS THE INSTRUCTION FROM UNIT 7 FOR A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF THE PAPER: For this week’s assignment, you will visit two different pharmacies (one traditional, one natural) to start the process of comparing/contrasting different remedies for common health conditions and gather data on remedies used to treat certain health conditions. 1)Please select 2 conditions (headache, stomachache, allergies, anxiety, etc.) that you will be researching. 2) Visit two pharmacies (one traditional, CAM/holistic/natural). While at the pharmacy, take pictures of the various remedies available for the two conditions you selected. You should have a minimum of two pictures per pharmacy. 3) Following your pharmacy search, you will perform research on traditional and CAM/Natural/Holistic remedies/treatments for these conditions (Final project must include a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed resources). 4) Create a 1-page outline documenting conditions you selected, possible remedies for each (traditional and CAM), and negative side effects of the treatment that will guide your final paper for Unit 8. The outline should include: Introduction, body (3 or more topic paragraphs), conclusion. 5) Include your pharmacy pictures (4 minimum) and a list of 2 scholarly/peer-reviewed resources in APA format that will be used in your final paper due next week.

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