Case Study Memorandum No. 1


From Case Study involving Health Issue:

1. This assignment must be written in memo format. See the second page for a template of the

proper memorandum heading and memorandum subdivisions and proper spacing. Points will be

deducted for adding extra space to avoid writing three full pages.

2. Your memorandum must be written in twelve (12) point font, Times New Roman, and your

memorandum subdivisions should be single spaced while your responses should be double

spaced. The entire paper should have one inch margins on the left, right, top, and bottom. Your

memorandum must be at least three FULL pages, but no more than five pages.

3. For any sources you elect to use, please cite these sources using APA format.

4. There can be several right answers. The purpose of this assignment is for you to contemplate

real life situations and decision making. You must fully answer each question and reflect, in

depth, why you have provided that response. THIS MUST BE YOUR OWN WORK!

6. This assignment is due at the end of the day on Friday, March 6, 2020.


DATE: March 6, 2020

FROM: (Insert YOUR name here)

TO: Professor Diaz

RE: Health Participation Memo

I. What is the value of an organization creating community capacity that they do not directly

deploy? Is there any danger to an organization’s program in having that capacity be external to

the organization’s formal structure?

Start your answer here.

II. How do organizations vary in the extent to which they formally train these advocates? What

are the advantages and disadvantages of these more formal approaches?

Start your answer here.

III. When is it best to try to secure new capacity around an existing controversy, and

when is it best to wait until that controversy is over?

Start your answer here.

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