Describe the steps you took to perform the vulnerability scan with the Open VAS scanner

Last week, you and your red team members got your hacking lab running with the Kali and Metasploitable virtual machines. After you and your team members establish TCP/IP connectivity between your virtual machines, you will need to scan the client machine using Nmap, Zenmap, and OpenVAS. Use OpenVAS to
perform a full vulnerability scan of the client’s target machine. This OpenVAS video demonstrates how to do this.

Describe the steps you took to perform the vulnerability scan with the OpenVAS scanner. Include a screenshot of your scan results that show the Host Column (see example below, keeping in mind that each team member is using different IP address configurations)

Troubleshoot with team members who are having technical issues. Be respectful, provide others with positive encouragement, and congratulate your teammates after they have been connected and have configured everything properly.

Screenshot of a list of vulnerabilities found in an Open VAS scan.

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