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OENG1168 – Final report

1.0 Description

Final report - 50%

The “Final Report” is the second assessment task of the Engineering Capstone Project Part B

course. This report will be an evolution of the Progress Report from OENG1167 - Engineering

Capstone Project Part A.

The report should be discussed with your academic supervisor before submission. It will be marked

by an independent academic assessor.

1.1 Content

The report may include the following information about the project, depending on the discipline and

research (or design) topic. Note that all projects are different, and hence the content format provided

here will not apply explicitly to all projects. Discuss the format of the report with your academic


The following dot points are provided as a guideline only:

• Cover page - project title, student(s), supervisor

• Executive summary

• Introduction/Statement of problem

• Background and literature review

• Methodology/Design and justification

• Findings

o Laboratory test results

o Numerical results

o Other results

o Product

• Discussion of results/product(s)

• Conclusions

• Recommendations/Future works

• References

• Appendix

1.2 Document Submission

The Final report should be formally submitted (electronically) on Canvas by 5:00 pm Monday,

Week 12.

For students working in teams, it is a requirement that you submit a group work member

contribution table with this assessment task. You will need to modify the document to ensure it

matches the format of the work you are submitting. You should complete this document honestly.

2.0 Format

The format of the Final report is optional.


• The Final report must be written in English and a spelling and grammar check performed before


OENG1168 – Final report


• The document must include in-text referencing and properly formatted references if required.

Please confirm the preferred referencing style for your discipline area with your academic


Recommended format

• The paper to be A4 in size.

• The body text font to be 12 point Times New Roman.

• Text to be single-spaced.

• A 2 cm margin to be used for all sides.

3.0 Special Consideration

Extensions are applied for with the academic supervisor. As per assessment policy, the following

rules apply when applying for an extension:

• Extensions are available for unforeseen circumstances of a short-term nature

• An application is submitted to your Supervisor at least one working day before the due

date for an assessment.

• Extensions can be approved for up to one week (seven calendar days) after the due date for

an assessment.

• Where students need an extension exceeding one week they must instead apply for special


• The evidence in an application clearly supports the period for which an extension is sought.

Please note: Extensions are not automatically granted – if the academic supervisor does not feel

that the evidence provided warrants an extension they can refuse, or they can grant a shorter period

than requested.

4.0 Marking guidelines

Your report will be marked by an independent academic assessor, and it will make up 50% of the

final mark. Detailed assessment criteria (marking rubrics) are available on Canvas. Please ensure

that you read the assessment criteria.

5.0 Plagiarism and Originality

Plagiarism at any level with the University is unacceptable. Students who submit plagiarised work

will be dealt with in accordance with the University's plagiarism policy which can be found here

(Academic Integrity). An originality report from "Turnitin" will be used only as a guide and all

reports will be checked against other sources such as previous RMIT-based project reports, Google

Books, Amazon and various eBook repositories. By agreeing to the online assignment declaration

students state that the submitted work is of their own and hence submitting any plagiarised work

constitutes a breach of this declaration and will be dealt with accordingly.

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