Email and effective communication in the workplace of Del Sur SDAC JV, LLC

Topic is email and effective communication in the workplace of Del Sur SDAC JV, LLC Please rewrite this paper as an executive summary following the example shown below: I have attached the previous written work which should be added upon. Executive Summary Purpose and Method of This Report Within First Army, there is an obvious divide between military personnel and federal civilians. This fragmentation has led many federal civilians to become wary of military personnel involvement in daily operations, which has produced a reduction in productivity, reluctance to pursue any responsibilities outside their primary duties and a lack of enthusiasm to complete mission objectives. The following anonymous questionnaire survey was disseminated to address the following: Experiences with previous attempts to improve office dynamics Current view on the good/bad aspects within the office List of qualities exhibited in a good leader/manager List of qualities exhibited in a bad leader/manager Thoughts on the implementation of a Leadership/Management Improvement Program focused on higher-level leaders and managers Other suggestions for improvements within the office Findings and Conclusion The outcome from the questionnaire identifies many problems within the organization that stem from a lack of leadership direction and confidence felt by federal civilians, as well as military personnel. Recommendations The following are recommendations to improve employee productivity and team cohesion: Implementation of a First Army Leadership/Management Improve Program aimed towards senior leadership/management Institution of Leadership/Management Programs for federal civilians to assist with upward mobility within the organization

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