History of Architecture from 1400s to 1900s

One prompt from the options below. For every prompt you must choose at least three buildings or structures to represent your research. Be specific. Details are key.

1. In which ways did the revival of the classical cultures impact Renaissance architecture?

2. Discuss Baroque architecture as an instrument to the Counter-Reformation.

3. Compare/contrast Baroque and Rococo design and architectural style.

4. How did the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution help shape Art Nouveau architectural style in France?

5. How did Neoclassical architecture play an integral part in the construction and foundation of the United States?

6. Discuss the evolution and architectural features of the first skyscrapers in the United Sates.


Your paper assignment requires a virtual visit to the buildings you have chosen. Give an appropriate description of the works you reference. Zoom in on the architectural elements and really look at the


-Your paper should be a minimum of 4pages and a maximum of 5.Grad students:8 full pages. Points -will be deducted for anything less.

-Include a title.Do not write your name, date, etc. required.

-Papers must be double-spaced.

-Margins should be 1 inch on all sides, 12 point, Times New Roman.

-Sources: Minimum of 5:

Two sources must be printed books (digital or eBooks ok).

3rd source should be a scholarly journal.

4thand 5thsourcesareoptional but make sure its reliable. Do not cite a textbook (including the class text), class notes or an encyclopedia.

Grad students: Minimum of 7 sources. Three must be printed.

You can use Chicago style or MLA for the bibliography and footnotes/end notes.

Bibliography should be on a separate page.

Any information that you include from books, websites, articles, etc. must be acknowledged as from these sources. These sources must be indicated where you use the information(footnotes or end notes) as well as in the Bibliography. If you quote directly from any source, you must use quotation marks as well as indicating the source.

Use of sources, fluent style, clear structure and argument, and correct grammar will ensure a good grade. Make sure to proofread your paper before turning it in.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: list the sources of information that you have used in alphabetic order.Your textbook has an extensive bibliography and you can use it as a starting point. Due date Paper due date: April 8No late papers will be accepted.This is not a book report.


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