Human Computer Interaction

Instructions and Guidance on Completing Paper (PDF).

Document Preparation (PDF).

Understanding Users: "Human" Aspects of HCI (PDF)---- This page contains PowerPoint notes that cover some basics related to human aspects of HCI. This is good background information about HCI issues like defining users and also how people process information.

Usability Concepts: Measuring User Experience (PDF) -- This page contains PowerPoint notes that cover some basics about usability -- this includes some principles and heuristics, the whole and parts definition of usability, and notes that take us into a deeper dive into usability concepts like learnability, ease of use, efficiency, effectiveness, etc.

Overview: Usability Evaluation and Test Planning Process (PDF) -- This page contains PowerPoint notes that cover the structure of the Assignment paper, but also beyond that -- to cover the entire user test planning process.

Heuristic Evaluation template --This page contains a template you can use to organize your process when you perform a Heuristic Evaluation of the chosen technology interface of which you are also proposing a user study test plan for.

Instructions and Guidanceon Completing Assignment #2: Observing the User Experience: A Proposed User Study and a Heuristic Evaluationby the ResearcherPurpose:You will PROPOSE the conduct of a user study in the form of a usability evaluation.Thefieldalso refers to this process as a “usability study”.User studies can lead to valuable recommendations for improving the design and user experience of a technology interface.This exercisewill also giveyou, the novice researcher, experience in planning auser study for the purpose of assessing user interface design.Note: these instructions are a generalguide to proposinga user study. Objective:Graduate-level Research -Doctoral students need to learn and practice UX research skills to include clear problem statement(s), research questions, and details on procedures based on known UX researchpractice–we are learning as doctoral students how to conduct User Experience (UX) Research.THIS ASSIGNMENT FOLLOWS COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS DEVELOPMENTSLEADINGTOSOCIAL DISTANCING OR LIMITED CONTACT WITH OTHERSAbout the Structure of the Paper:In general,
Chapters 1 through 3 will involve a detailed proposal for a usability test plan of an interface of your choice thatdetails whatwouldinclude three potentialparticipants but withoutrunning the actual test.
Chapters 4-5 will include your sole evaluationof the chosen interface, applying heuristic evaluation, severity levels, and recommendations to improving the interface.General Guide to the User Study Test Plan and General Structure of the PaperPlease refer to all of the lecturenotes for details on different phases of a user study.  The structure of the assignment paper is outlined as follows:Front Matter(Please follow the Dissertation Guide for contents)•Title Page (include an actual title, like “AProposal for a User Study of The Canvas Learning Management System” –whatever “technology interface” you are testing). Make sure you add your full name, course and semester. •Table of Contents •Abstract
Chapter 1. Introduction (with subheadings as is below)(Please focus on proposing a user study which means you will detail what you would do with potential participants.)BackgroundDescription of the technology interface being tested. State the problem or perceived problem being addressed.PurposeTest Goals (include usability attributes)Potential Participants andUser Profile (de-identified)Ethical Considerations and Informed ConsentTest environment(test location, device/interface setup)Role(s) of the Researcher

2Chapter 2. Review of the Literature Provide an in-depth (deep dive) synthesis of literature about usability concepts, usability testing methods,issues in observing users, user design, evaluation paradigms(heuristic evaluation), etc.

Chapter 3. Methods and Procedures (Please focus on proposing a user study which means you detail the process you would follow with potential participants.)Restatement of test goals Usability metrics (match to test goals)Task List and Task Scenarios (match to test goals and metrics)Specific usability evaluation methods used for test planning and test procedures Detailed description of the test procedures (steps you would take to work with the participants and steps they would take to work with you), from pre-test (briefing), during (interactions), and post-test (debriefing) Describe debriefing process (post session)

Chapters 4 and 5 Heuristic Evaluation Performed by the Researcher General Directions:After you have PROPOSED a user study in

chapters 1-3, you can use the remaining chapters 4 and 5 to perform a Usability Heuristic Evaluation of the interface you have chosen to evaluate.  You are the sole evaluator of the interface,so this part will not involve any participants. You will follow Nielsen’s 10 Usability Heuristics and work through the task list that you created for the proposed user study. Then as you find usability problems with the inter faceas you work through the task list yourself, you will indicate under the proper usability heuristic where those usability problems fit.You will also match up the usability problems you have found to severity levels. You will make recommendations to improving the interface based on your own Heuristic Evaluation of the interface.

Chapter 4. Results Heuristic Evaluation Performed by the Researcher List the usability problems found (from working through the task list on your own)List the Heuristics and underneath each heuristic, list the usability problems that fit under that heuristic (note that the same problem may fit under multiple heuristics, so you might find a way to organize those instances.)Link problems to severity levels

Chapter 5. Discussion and Recommendations Recommendations –specific recommendations for improving the interface Conclusions (including your own reflections about proposing to conduct a user study and the advantages and disadvantages of heuristic evaluation.)References (APA 7th)Appendices (as needed)Required: Informed Consent Forms (proposed forms that would be used)Potential materials given to participants(that would be used)Questionnaires or Surveys(that would be used)Other General Directives:(1) Review recommended texts or articles for background on usability evaluation and usability testing, (2) Review professor's notes, (3) Review and comply

3with NSU IRB policy on Student Research, and (4) Locate your own relevant HCI/usability articles or sources to integrate into the paper.Note: The assignment requires extensive discussion of detail about process.  You need to detail an understanding about process and how you describe the user experience of potential participants doing a planned walk through of the chosen interface.  Synthesize the literature to support your notions or decisions with regards to process.Do NOT include website citations unless they are suitable UX sources like ACM SIGCHI, UX Matters, UXPA, etc.  Throughout the entire paper, you should present a substantial synthesis of current HCI literature sources that support or contradict conceptual aspects that relate to your user study plan. The paper should be about 20 pages of content, but it will likely be longer depending on items that are included in the Appendices.Miscellaneous notes:1.Follow all standard format procedures (title page, line spacing, margins,proper citation format, etc.).2.The entire  contain a deep examination of the “process” of usability evaluation.  The author should reflect on the process and integrate literature throughout the entire paper to provide support for the discussion.3.Learn proper APA 7thcitationstyle in the body of the paper and provide a list of References using strict APA format.See the syllabus and materials I have given you that show you how to properly cite sources like journal articles, conference proceedings, etc.

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