Impact of capital structure on firms performance in microfinance banking industry of Pakistan




(Appendix 2)

·        Does the proposal include a clear introduction to the dissertation topic, including:

-         A research problem (i.e. gaps in the literature)?

-         Aims and objective/ hypotheses?

-         A mini literature review of the of the topic including a review of theories and findings?

-         The methods that will be used for data collection, and how data will be analysed?

-         The outcome of the research and limitation?


Chapter One: Introduction

·        Did the student clearly introduce the topic?

·        Did the student clearly demonstrate the aims and importance and contribution of the study?

·        Did the student briefly describe the methodology used in his/her research?

·        Did the student mention how the thesis will be structured?

Chapter Two: Literature Review

·        Did the student include an overview of the research topic?

·        Did the student properly introduce the topic, its meaning, importance, & theories behind it



·        Did the student critically review the literature?

·        Did the student use sufficient and up-to-date literature?

·        Did the student use academic and credible sources?

·        Did the literature used is related to the research questions?

·        Are the research questions / Hypothesis/ and or interview question clear and appropriately designed ?

·        Are the Hypotheis / Interview questions/ or survery questions aligned with the Literature?


Chapter Three: Research Methodology, Design, and Methods

·        Did the student clearly explain the research aims and questions?

·        Did the student clearly explained and justified their research philosophy, approach and methods for data collection?

·        Did the student properly explain how the research was designed?

·        Did the student define the study population and sample, mention how sample size was determined and what was the sampling technique used?

·        Are the research methods used for data collection valid and relevant to the research aims/questions?

·        Did the student properly describe the methods used for data collection and analysis?

·        Did the student demonstrate an awareness of the different ethical issues in their research and how it was addressed?

 Chapter Four: Data Analysis, Results,  and Discussion

·        Did the student properly analyse, and present the data?

·        Did the student properly discuss and explain the research results?

·        Did the student properly discuss the research findings in accordance to the Literature findings?

Chapter Five: Conclusion and Recommendation

·        Did the student mention the research aims and importance?

·        Did the student properly conclude the findings of the research?

·        Did the student mention the research limitations and how they were addressed?

·        Did the student make any recommendations?



Please keep in mind that academic integrity cannot be compromised. If a student committed plagiarism, his/her work will be submitted to the misconduct committee for a decision. Penalties range from a reduction of the grade to dismissal from the programme of study depending on the degree of the offence.

·        Did the student use credible sources?

·        Did the students use sufficient and up-to-date sources?

·        Did the student follow every aspect of the Harvard referencing guide?





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