Napa and Sonoma Counties Deadly Fires in 2017

Discuss your topic you chose for your presentation in this topic. Discuss why you chose the topic and the impact it has on public health nursing. Provide feedback to your classmates to assist in the development of the presentation in this topic.

Hello, can you please answer the questions of the DQ above? I reside in Los Angeles County in California. This is a public health class in nursing. The book below is the one we are using. I understand you guys have access to it. Please don’t omit any of the questions. Thank you

NOTE: the topic I have chosen for the future presentation which by the way will ask you to complete is the deadly fires that occurred in the Napa and Sonoma Counties in California in 2017. Please mention that I chose this topic because it hit close to home since I have family that lived there and was affected by the fires.

NOTE: below are the objectives for this week’s assignments.

Improving Quality and Population Health 


1.      Examine the unique role of the public health nurse in emergency preparedness and response.

2.      Describe the four phases of emergency management during a disaster.

3.      Explain the concept of resilience in public health nursing.

Read "Building a Culture of Health," from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (n.d.).


Read "Global Public Health," from Johnson and Johnson (2018).



Read "Bending the Cost Curve and Improving Quality of Care in America’s Poorest City," by Miller, Cunningham, and Ali, from Population Health Management (2013).


Read "Using Prevention and Measurement to Drive Quality Improvement," by Smiley, from Journal of Dental Hygiene (2015).


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