Politics around SCOTUS nomination

This is a multi-part question. Answer all for full credit. 1. In 2016, we had an opening on the SCOTUS with the passing of Justice Scalia in February 2016. President Obama nominated Merrick Garland and Congress chose not to debate his nomination, deciding instead to wait until after the presidential election in November to allow the new president to nominate a justice (gambling in the hopes that a Republican would become president). Explain whether you believe this was a politically correct and/or good decision. 2. In 2018, Justice Kennedy retired effective in July. President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the bench. Think back to your response in Question 1 and explain whether the Senate should have waited until after the midterm election in November 2018 to debate/confirm a justice. Why or why not? 3. What types of things should the President/Senate focus on when selecting a new justice? Should selection differ for the chief justice? Why?

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