Select a population and tell why this population is of interest to you

A.      Term Project Components-

     (all that is bolded MUST be included within the paper)

1) Select a population (children, seniors, adolescents etc.) and tell why this population is of interest to you. (African Americans/Blacks- aged 30-64)


2) Develop a Running Log documenting your efforts and process in completing this assignment. Include your research sources.


3) Develop a Project Outline based on your population, and add the topics you will   cover…the Project Outline has its own page…placed in the front, it tells the reader what your Project is about and what you will be covering under each category.


4) Write a description of the setting where you would have seen the population selected…this information you may know from experience, or you can look it up in the textbook or the website. National Institute of Mental Health (website)


5) Look up and select three (3) relevant health issues prevalent in the population you selected. (Diabetes/hypertension/Obesity)


6) Provide a brief description of each health issue as they affect your selected       population.


7)  Literature Review consisting:


  Select one (1) of the health issues, and following the instructions and examples given, under “Course Resources”, develop your Thesis Statement…using at least two (2) scientific/medical articles (you can look up in the website, and develop your Literature Review.





 Business Section

Free Management Library (nd). Retrieved April 10, 2017,


Office of Minority Health –

Online Writing Lab -

CDC – Center for Disease Control –

NIH – National Institute of Health –

Healthy People 2020 –


8) Based on the categories you are covering and included in your Project Outline…for example, nutrition, activities, learning, indoor/outdoor play, safety, sexual health, develop five (5) objectives that you would like the health inspector to address when inspecting and licensing  examples of meeting places (day care centers,  senior day centers, teen community centers, schools) or any other facility where these populations meet within the community.


  9) Write a concluding statement about how the experience of studying and researching your selected population, has expanded your understanding, and thinking about community health issues affecting the population selected for your Project.


10) Write a professional, well-written business letter to the government agency overseeing the inspection and licensing of this community, addressing health issues and problems, and requesting initiatives in progress to appropriate resources, and to increase awareness and education on community problems.


                    11) Be sure to include a Reference page, that correctly lists the APA citations in the body of the paper.


The content and the flow of this paper needs to follow the criteria below, fulfill ALL of the 11                                guidelines listed above:


·         Correct APA Style in body of paper and reference page. Minimum of Cited 3 sources correctly

·         Paper addresses all the sections required in the assignment in a superior manner

·         Easy to read, correct essay format of themes sentences, introduction, subheadings, full paragraphs, conclusions, and critical thinking included

·         Follows font, justification, presentation of paper format exactly as directed



Below are things that were discussed in class and should be part of this assignment (in their respective places).  Maybe they can help in your research/thought process in formulating this paper.



·         Consider the accessibility of healthy foods. do people have the money to afford clean, healthy food? Can they afford to use public transportation on a regular to get food? (EBT, open market Park Slope example). Exercise: who does a lot of physical labor? How much walking do people do on a regular basis in the South Bronx/New York? can people afford a gym membership?

·         are people educated about healthy eating? how are we educating adults? Remember the food triangle, we are no longer teaching it to kids in schools. (you may want to put in at what ages/calendar year we stopped teaching that) As for adults, there is a blind idea that if an adult has made it this far that they know what good verses what is bad for them.  “If they  (adults) know better they should do better.” This is the mentality when dealing with adults. But there is no actual education on diseases or prevention of them, until they get sick with one or more ofthese conditions.  Making a life change a requirement of their daily lives. But once they get sick can they afford to change their situation?  Could their condition been avoided in their lives?

·         let's look at cost: how much does a head of lettuce on average cost compared to a box of rice?

·         1. Lower incomes=lower quality of foods available, higher salt/fat content
2. Higher incomes= better food options/better health

·         Compare South Bronx to the existence of these same of these health issues in a more affluent area in the Bronx (which would be Riverdale, Bronx)

·         Take into consideration the amount of fresh foods available and the cost of them in both areas

·         Statistics need to be placed in this paper also

·         What these diseases are/ how they can be prevented/ what they do to the body/ what would you do to change the position that allowed for these people to have these diseases?

·         What educational systems/procedures/measures will help this community? 

·         Statistics that are to be used throughout are those of South Bronx=poor

Compared to Riverdale=Affluent)


Below is a rough outline I put together

                                  (IT IS NOT MANDATORY YOU USE THIS OUTLINE)






1-Black Adults, both male and female, in the South Bronx aged 30-64 years old and their   declining health.

            A-Health conditions (high blood pressure/diabetes/obesity)

B-Lack of healthy options (farmers markets within the area/heavy saturation of       fast/inexpensive food)

C- Discuss the occupations in the South Bronx, Bronx area and their incomes not being comparable to cost of healthier options fit into financial/health of that individual [overhead (rent/utilities/transportation) If you take from one area to enhance another area how does the one that you took away from suffer?  What does it lack? How is the health of an individual affected? Side effects of this health decline?] Many in service incomes are not comparable to the cost of living etc... (include STATISTICS relevant to Bronx/South Bronx-Compared to Riverdale. Riverdale, is affluent community)



THESIS  (a thesis like this NEEDS  to be present, or this one may be used)

                The research provided will show the correlation between low income and poor nutritional choices available to residents within the Bronx, mainly South Bronx, which leads to higher occurrences of obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. Plans that include community building could help provide healthier alternatives. 



1- Explaining the conditions (high blood pressure/obesity/diabetes)

    What is each of these conditions?

     How do they develop?

     How do they affect the body?

     Treatment? Side Effects?

     How can they be prevented? 

     The effects of each on the community and sub-community of family/friends of  the individual that has condition (possibly leading to the existence of other conditions)


2- Education of healthier options that will satisfy the same cravings that people have.

     Reminding people of the food triangle that was once taught in elementary school but is not taught now. If given all the facts/options as to why they should maintain a healthier lifestyle, people are more likely not to let things go by the wayside (annual physicals/screenings/self-care), which lead to a larger issue. ( just one example ref


3- The setting was chosen as the South Bronx. Why? 

Because of the surroundings… People only seem to care about what is going in their mouths when the weather is getting nice, and they need to drop a few lbs for summer. Or if they have a life-changing event occur. The Bronx has the highest amount of obesity in NYC, 34.4% (,4466a0,113,Summarize)

4- Income disparity=availability of options (only six health centers and three hospitals)

·         Many people have jobs in the service industry (blue-collar/hospitality/retail), lower incomes, =not having enough money to make better choices.

·         Since in-service occupations-they may be less likely to work out because they are- (tired/can't afford gym membership/body image issues)

·         How much a healthy option costs compared to a fast-food option (lesser nutritional value)

·         Can they afford to travel and purchase a healthier option instead of what is close to home?

5- Objectives that I would like to have discussed at places where people meet:

·         Support options that exist within may not have been known to the community, therefore unused (payment options for health/childcare, rental assistance programs,

·         Statistics of community Conditions that exist in the community (ethnicities/ financial/mental/physical/social health)

·         Bring attention to the lack of healthy options they offer (hospitals/fast food)

·         Encourage them to offer a healthy variety (fitness/cooking/)

·         The problems that exist obesity/high blood pressure/diabetes (statistics/explanation of why they exist)



                6- How to fix this community

·         Offer affordable options within the community (farmers markets/gyms/health centers with screenings available)

·         Teach/show the residents that they are not alone, healthier people=better  longer living      

·         Add public/green spaces   

·         Keep employment opportunities local           



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