The CSI effect

  1. In the first section (“The CSI effect defined”), do the authors ever give you their opinion on the CSI effect?  How do they support their definition and their expansion on the definition?  How many different sources do they cite in this section?

No, the authors don’t give their opinion. The authors support their definition by stating that because jurors watch shows like CSI, jurors expect it to be the same way as far as forensic evidence is concerned. They expanded with these possibilities, that if you have forensic evidence you will acquit and without it you will not. Lastly they cited 5 different sources.

  1. From pages 86-88, the authors discuss lawyers, police officers, judges, and community members.  In this section, do the authors ever give you their opinion on any of the issues discussed?

No the authors don’t give you their opinion on the issues discussed.

  1.  Examine the section entitled “Verdicts” (pp. 90-92).  How do the results from the study by Shelton et al. differ from the results of the study by Kim, Barak, and Shelton?   How do the results of the study by Baskin and Sommers differ from the results of other studies?

The study by Shelton et al., doesn’t differ from that of Kim, Barak, and Shelton.They all agree that CSI type shows has no impact on jurors verdicts. The study by Baskin and Sommers differ because in their study it shows that watching CSI type shows for three or more hours a week people were less likely to convict without scientific evidence. Therefore saying shows like CSI does have an impact on verdicts.

  1. As a result of having read this article, please write a few sentences about what you might have learned about a) synthesizing sources or b) the CSI effect.

After reading this article I found that people who watch shows like CSI has a higher expectation for forensic evidence, but their votes to convict or acquit weren’t affected. I find that a little hard to believe. Yes they have done different studies and plenty of research but no matter what I believe that the CSI effect affects everyone in some way. Lastly if you have police, lawyers and even judges that believe in this why are there still people who don’t believe?



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