Victoria Business School executive summary video

Discuss: Victoria Business School executive summary video Please write an executive summary as shown in the example below: The topic is effective communication and email in the workplace of Del Sur SDAC JV, LLC Executive Summary Purpose and method of this report The members of the Armed Forces are required to be professionals and be disciplined in all that they due. However, a growing concern amongst leadership is that of the financial knowledge and understanding of financial principles are lacking with their subordinates, which could lead to decreased mission readiness as a result. The purposes of this report are to: Determine the financial education shortfalls that exist within the unit. Recommend possible courses of action to introduce effective financial education programs. A survey was conducted to determine what the current financial readiness is of the unit. Findings and conclusions Most surveys showed that personal lack the understanding of how to do a budget and were living paycheck to paycheck. It also showed that personnel had more than 1 credit card and relied on it as a source of income to make it through the month. As well as those who participated in the survey have very little to no education in personal financial planning. The results of this survey confirmed that a lack of supervision, and personal financial education, are contributing factors to poor and undisciplined financial habits amongst personnel. Recommendations for fostering a more collaborative work environment Recommendations for increasing financial knowledge and understanding of financial principles, as well as fostering good financial behaviors amongst personnel are as follows: First, establish a training program for personnel, to ensure that they are educated in personal financial management information. Second, establish cadre of mentors for personnel. They will be directed to meet quarterly to reinforce good financial behavior/decisions. You don’t need a video. Just follow the example I provided as an executive summary. Just write an executive summary on the topic I chose which is email and effective communication in workplace of Del Sur SDAC JV, LLC

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