collaborative and distributed leadership and management in complex settings

You will write a 3,500 word essay based on the case study available on the module blackboard site:


·         With reference to relevant theory, critically analyse Sara’s leadership approach, decisions, and outcomes.

·         Provide recommendations for the ‘second phase’ based on relevant theory and research.


The intended outcome of this assignment is to have a critical understanding of effective practices and approaches in shaping culture, strategic decision making, and working in partnership across a local health system, as well as within an organisation.


In preparation for this assignment you may wish to consider revisiting the aim and learning outcomes of this module:


The health and social care needs of any population cannot be addressed by a single organisation or institution. Organisations need to collaborate and coordinate their efforts and resources to address long-term complex health and social care problems. This is a difficult task. This module aims to provide students with an understanding of organisational forms best suited to accomplish this; the leadership and management behaviours required; the capacity to build and maintain innovation; and the data, information, and knowledge needs common in distributed organisations, and how to meet those needs.


Learning outcomes

By the end of the module you will be able to:


  1. Critically evaluate shared, collaborative and distributed leadership and management in complex settings.
  2. Understand the development and coordination of strategies within and across organisational units.
  3. Recognise, understand and manage culture in single and multiple organisational settings.
  4. Critically evaluate managerial decision making and managerial judgement in complex settings.
  5. Understand the management, governance and roles of data, information and knowledge in strategy development and management.



Guidance for writing and submitting your assignment can be found in the PG/CPD Student Handbook, a link to which can be found on the leading and managing organisations and systems Blackboard site. This guidance also provides important information on academic integrity, late submission, and our extension procedures and regulations.


Key points to look out for are:



1.       Please note that the word count includes headings and text (including in-text references and footers), but excludes the title and contents page, reference list, bibliography and appendices. Therefore, all the work occurring after the title and contents page to the beginning of the reference list is included in the word count.


2.       Your written assignments should be presented in Arial or Lucida Sans, size 12 font, using 1.5 or double line spacing.


3.       3-Start with an overall introduction that sets the tone of the essay.


4.       4- Always, ALWAYS, answer the questions in light of theory/concepts/evidence – this is an academic essay and not an essay on your personal opinion.


5.       5- Use resources that are credible and reliable – for example, never cite Wikipedia,,,… and the likes in an academic essay. When you want to support your argument, go on (or Southampton’s Library Search) and find evidence there.


6.       6- Be critical in your approach – evaluate actions from the case and use theory and evidence to support your critical appraisal. You are also invited to appraise the used theories.


7.       7- Do not restate what is in the case. You can use examples from the case to support your point but make sure you use the word count to analyse and answer the question in relation to academic theories.


8.       8- Have an overall conclusion to the essay.


9.       9- Use proper citations – the school uses Harvard referencing, but APA style is also acceptable.


10.   10- Proof read your essay prior to submission. Make sure the essay flows and is logical in structure.


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