compare and analysis between the two culture of paris and nyc

Write an Essay of compare and analysis between the two culture of paris and nyc the difference and similarities with the summaries i have provide you with is a 2-3 page intro paragraph one paragraph two paragraph three ( if needed for more details) conclusion Culture and City Essay = How is culture engaged in this essay? Culture = Methods for dealing with the harshness of existence. The Birth of Tragedy (1872) by Friedrich Nietzsche What cultural activity is described in the essay? How is culture engaged in this essay? Create a 4 page Microsoft Word document ** this is an urban sociology assginment** --im trying to provided you with as much as details as possible because the professor is very unorganized and I'm tired of emailing him asking him for more info but he seem not to answer emails anyways this is my last assignment-- ALSO **10 photo are supposed to be help to compare and analyside the culture from two different cites/country** BELOW IS THE INTRODUCTION HE GAVE US TO START THE ESSAY, (matbe can yo an idea of how it supposed to be) Sample Introduction The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche defines culture as means to deal with the harshness of existence. Culture plays a major role in urban life, both in the U.S. and around the world. The paper will compare how culture happens in two major world cities: New York and Paris. This is a multi-method project that will employ primary historical data and visual ethnography. Essays about first-person experiences of culture in Paris and pictures of culture in New York will be used to understand how culture happens in these two cities. Culture is often a personal experience, so this type of experience will be the starting point. Next, historical data concerning culture in Paris will be summarized and analyzed. Afterwards, visual data concerning culture in New York will be summarized. Finally, culture in New York and Paris will be compared. [Insert your thesis].

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