issues of poverty and class in America

Module Four – Written Assignments


1.    Growing up as a poor young person, DiAngelo also knew clearly that she was “not Black.” What did that distinction, of a racial Other, mean for her? Why did she (and her grandmother) need this?

2.    What are some of the classist messages she received when she was young? How can these messages silence her in speaking up against racism, and what is the impact of the silence?

3.    What does DiAngelo offer as two interwoven tasks for “Whites to unravel [their] internalized racial dominance”?

4.    DiAngelo states that the “discourse of individuality” can benefit racial privilege but holds all oppressions in place. How?

5.    According to Gregory Mantsios, why do people in the United States find it difficult to talk about class?

6.    How does Mantsios distinguish between the categories of “myth” and “reality” in his essay? What does this distinction reveal?

7.    In the face of powerful class myths circulating in U.S. culture, Mantsios provides an enormous amount of data about how class functions. What do you think is the most convincing evidence in this essay?

8.    1.  What does Daniel Patrick Moynihan argue about poverty in his infamous 1965 report, “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action”?

9.    What does looking at historical data show us about poverty rates?

10.           According to Greenbaum, what cultural practices cause recessions? Name an example from the text.

11.           According Gregory Mantsios, how is class made invisible?

12.           Name specific examples that Mantsios gives of how media coverage misrepresents poor people and issues of poverty.

13.           Describe the notion of “we-ness” developed by the media.

  What does Mantsios conclude is the real consequence of     media’s treatment of poverty and class?

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